a good life

yesterday i brought home a suitcase of meat for A. f'rizzle. it made me think about how much fun we have and all the wacky things we do that i never post on here, because for whatever reason lj tends to be a wishing well of escapism and when i'm not in escapist mode, i'm too busy having fun to record it!

in fact, i am % 87% of the time (no pun intended), and life with A is indeed a pleasure. he's a lovely little muffin and we get along like mittens tied together with rainbow yarn. we know eachother inside out and outside in and even the pieces we don't understand are accepted and, in their own way, understood nonetheless.

so, a few charms for the A. bracelet:

  • his patience
  • teaching me about telescopes & permutations & temperature & radioactivity
  • when he reaches for my hand
  • when he tells me to sit next to him in a restaurant booth, even though we'll be on the same side
  • his lil cough that he always makes to let me know he's just outside
  • his affinity for spreadsheets
  • how quickly he can do math in his head (and still get it right!)
  • his predictable eating habits
  • his awkwardness around people
  • the way he looks in t-shirt & jeans. mmmm...
  • the cutesie notes he leaves for me where he incorporates stickers for visuals
  • that he gets me things for V-day even though i say i don't want any
  • in general, he knows most of my ins & outs and let's me be me. in sf or dc or across the globe.

    there are ohsomany more! I wish I could say I will diligently record them from here on out, but given the trends we've seen here before, i suspect the next entry you see will be filled with woe.

SFO --> XNA on a Sunday night

buggie: Are you tracking me?

Dr. P: Yes...I see you're in Denver, but you're delayed

buggie: It's true :( can you see what I'm eating?

Dr. P: A salad, a juice, and a fruit?

buggie: A caramel apple! Good guess though.

Dr. P: Ha, ha. What would you have done if I had said caramel apple?

buggie: I would think you can see me and do a little dance for you!

Dr. P: You should do it anyway!

buggie: I'm doing the cozie in my seat for you!

Dr. P: Haha, cool.
hray for bubbles!

Countries: Collect Them All!

Running away again. If you or anyone sparkly that you know lives in / might magically appear in any of the following places, do let me know!
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Kenya

    International Playgirl
  • hray for bubbles!

    Seeking: adventures below the equator

    anyone up for a rendez-vous in Peru? (it does rhyme, afterall!)

    I need somebody willing to camp in the rainforest and hike to great heights. in exchange, i offer tree houses, unfamiliar yet tasty fruits, swimming with pink dolphins, & cl%ud cities.